• Bright Carrot

    Winter is the time when we think about...read more

  • Crispy Carrots at Labadaba supporting "Esi Brīvs"
    SIA SunCrisp together with "Esi Brīvs" participated in annual music festival LABADABA!August 1st. and 2nd. 2014 "Esi Brīvs" provides counciling...read more

  • Products

    • Crispy Carrots in Cups
      Crispy Carrots in Cups. Carrots are up to 10 cm long,... read more
    • Crispy Carrots in bags
      Crispy Carrots in bags is our main product.... read more
    • Crispy Carrot
      Ideal single snack offering - high in vitamins and... read more